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  1. Gentoo on Skylake-based Chromebooks


    Recently, there have been new Skylake-based Chromebooks based on two development boards, namely Glados and Kunimitsu. These Chromebooks are particularly interesting to use as a Linux laptop because of the decent hardware you get for the price, the build quality of most of these Chromebooks and because ChromeOS is …

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  2. An introduction to STM32 microcontrollers

    Today we will be looking at embedded hardware and developing programs for embedded hardware. An embedded system typically consists of a microcontroller connected to specialised hardware running a dedicated program with a dedicated set of functionality. Unlike the general-purpose hardware commonly found in desktops and laptops, where the programmer generally …

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  3. Installing Gogs on Gentoo

    When hosting your own Git server there are several options that you can choose from depending on what you are looking for specifically. Gitolite is ideal for single-user setups, and to a lesser extent multi-user setups, where the configuration is managed by pushing commits to a Git repository to add …

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  4. Using OpenVPN to play old games with your friends

    There are many great games from the past that we could play with our friends. Unfortunately, many of these games don't support internet properly anymore as they rely on an online service that has been shut down. While we could use a service like Hamachi or Tunggle to create a …

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  5. Installing your own Linux mail server

    Recently, a friend of mine asked me for help with installing his own mail server. Since this is can be a long complicated process that involves many different components to set up properly, and since I don't perform this frequently enough to remember all the steps, I decided to write …

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